I had an odd group conversation with my team at work today on agreeing on the approach we would take with a particular project. As always, our conversations would eventually digress into yet another quantum physics discussion.

Here’s a snippet of said conversation:

[11:43:37 AM] JN: all joking aside
[11:44:06 AM] JN: we need at least 3
[11:48:04 AM] JN: so lets make a decision
[11:49:55 AM] Me: yes, let's
[11:50:13 AM] Me: and i’ve also discovered that the first time the decision is made - it is always changed and v2 is the one to go with
[11:50:22 AM] <removed>
[11:50:29 AM] CH: I vote for V2.
[11:50:37 AM] <removed>
[11:50:40 AM] JN: I 2nd
[11:51:47 AM] Me: but the law of decisions require a first to be made and it would go wrong in order for v2 to exist.
[11:52:32 AM] JN: stop trying to confuse us with your logic
[11:52:43 AM] CH: you are just not thinking in terms of quanta.
[11:52:43 AM] JN: and reason
[11:52:51 AM] CH: its just physics.
[11:52:58 AM] JN: both exists
[11:53:08 AM] JN: at every point in time
[11:53:13 AM] CH: exactly.
[11:53:21 AM] CH: just depends on whether you observe it or not.
[11:53:30 AM] CH: that cat is already dead.
[11:53:54 AM] JN: point vs wave
[11:54:12 AM] JN: sometime Mel is a point and other time a wave
[11:54:33 AM] JN: just depends on if we are watching her
[11:54:56 AM] JN: you know what I find super weird about that
[11:55:45 AM] JN: if we setup an experiment to record it, it does not count as observing
[11:58:40 AM] MW: yeah! that’s the spook!
[12:10:37 PM] Me.: so. what was the decision?
[12:14:53 PM] MW: lol