Last night, I received news that a good friend and sister in Christ, had passed away last year. Of all the news to receive, I never thought to hear about this. So much so that I still haven’t processed it - I’m still in the state of disbelief.

We were roommates and we definitely spent a lot of time talking about everything under the sun. My blog has several entries of our interactions during those days. I used to be crazy over photography but hated asking people if I could take pictures of them. She, however, always volunteered because she loved to be the subject and so ironically, I have a lot of portraits of her in my collection. She was the youngest in our house and also the best cook so I admired so much in her even though our ages were far apart.

When she graduated from university, she moved back home out west and we lost contact after that. I just figured that when I do visit the west coast (since I have relatives out there), I’ll just pop by and say hello. I briefly considered making a trip out west sometime next year and had hoped to get in contact with her then.

And I lost my chance. And did not even know about her passing until a year had passed. I feel so ashamed and sad.

When the news was shared to me, I was reminded that you don’t know how much time the Lord gives to you. But for those who live to His purpose, time is short and we have to get ourselves ready for His return. If we miss that opportunity in this lifetime, now in the age of grace, we won’t another chance because He will get us ready one way or another in the millennial kingdom.

O Lord, keep this realization clear to me.