Today, for the first time in my life (other than when I was first born), I became bald.

During the past month or two, I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy and my hair started to drop in copious amounts after my second session. During my first session, the nurse had advised me to cut my hair short since there was a high chance that it would start dropping. Naturally, I ignored her advice (my hair was shoulder length then) or rather, I figured I’d wait till I experience it first because apparently there were folks who only experienced mild effects so it made no sense to rush this step.

Well, by the time it started dropping like crazy, I was feeling sickly and couldn’t leave the house. As it turned out, I also unknowingly contracted Covid-19 during this period so all I could do was stay at home with a scraggly messy half-balding look.

Finally, it seemed to me that my hair had stopped falling off. Well, it has been three weeks since my last chemotherapy session so I made my decision to have my head shaved bald just to make things look uniform.

The final look was quite … scary, not to mention my scalp feels weird. I guess I never imagined myself being bald and seeing myself in the mirror makes me want to laugh at myself. So far, the only comment I’ve received from my family members (whom I have been avoiding) was my brother saying “well, now you can try all sorts of wigs!”. Har har, no wigs for me, thank you. I’m completely okay wearing a hat.

I do wonder how long it would take to grow out my hair again…