This has been a crazy week because we are nearing the end of the G.Itoya System Techo Salon and the two big players – Ashford & Knox/Plotter – will be wrapping up the event.

At the same time, Nagasawa will be holding an event – System Techo Summit – at their Umeda-Chamiyamachi store in Osaka as well, with lots of new releases to share.

Roroma Classic’s History & Charm Points

Watch the live-stream recording.

Live-streamed from G.Itoya’s System Techo Salan event, with Nakamura-san as guest, who is the current president of Sennosuke Nakamura, the creator of the “Roroma” Leather.

Key points:

  • The “Roroma” name came from the Nakamura-san’s fascination of Charles Loloma. After researching many different types of leather, he really liked the feel of Buttero leather, and the effectiveness of bridle leather in repelling water, so he seeked to combine both and what you have is the “Roroma” leather.
  • The cover design is supposed to project an antique style, hence “Classic”.
  • The curves, seams and lines you find on the cover helps accentuate the patina that develops on it.
  • I guess it was obvious, but I didn’t realize until today that the leather itself was also called “Roroma” leather and is used to produced other items such as shoes and pen cases.

For more information on other releases from RayMay/DaVinci for System Techo Salon 2020, you can read the press release.

A visit to G.Itoya System Techo Salon

Watch the video on Youtube.

Hosted by Kan Misato, writer and stationery consultant. Hashimoto-san, head of the system techo department at G.Itoya, makes a guest appearance.

Ashford’s Weekly Planners’ Room Live

This week’s episode is back to online window shopping. There is a special mention of Nagasawa’s System Techo Summit including dropping some hints about the Jacket Marche to be held at the event.

Bungukan Kobayashi × Roroma Classic at Kobe Pen Show

Bungukan Kobayashi will be releasing a special edition Roroma Classic in M5 size at the Kobe Pen Show. The colour is “Serpentine”.

Shumi no Bungu-bako Chief Editor Shimizu Shigeki × Ashford Brand Planner 『On Shumi no Bungu-bako original products』

Recorded at the System Techo Salon event at G.Itoya on Nov 10th.

Watch the video series (10 minutes each) on Youtube:

System Techo Summit @ Nagasawa Umeda Chamiyamachi, Nov 20-22.

Nagasawa has posted many closeup photos in various social channels of the special releases available during this event that are far too numerous and tedious to compile. Instead, I would highly recommend the “Video: Night before event, sneak peek” (link below) for a full rundown of all the releases available and you get to also see the new covers up close!

System Techo Salon 2020: Ashford’s Brand Planner Mukai x Itoya’s Hashimoto Tamaki

Watch the video here.

Hashimoto-san is a fixture at Itoya, selling system techos since 1995! She knows pretty much every techo that has been released and have seen its revolution and trends. You will get to see her old techos from the “distant past” (holding embarassing evidences of her past)!

「KNOX・PLOTTER days」at G.Itoya’s System Techo Salon

During Nov 22-23, Plotter will be holding an event for interested owners of Plotter’s leather binders to get metal protector corner edges added to their binders at the cost of 550 yen.

For more information, you can see the event announcement here. They’ve also dedicated this week’s video to explain the available choices and combinations available. The video also covers a preview of the special edition items that will go on sale at the Bungu Joushi Expo in December, which includes KNOX’s limited edition “Hard-covered Linen Filing Binder” and associated refills, as well as Plotter’s mesh cases in limited edition colours of pastel pink and white.

Ashford’s Planners’ Room Live: Tsuchihashi × Takechiyo

Ashford elects several influential social media users who use their products to promote use of their products - they get advance samples of upcoming releases and share their experiences and how they use the products daily.

Tsuchihashi-san (of helped designed the “Refill Pad Pouch” and Takechiyo is Ashford’s brand user ambassador for their “Design Refill Pad” series (and many others).

Watch the video.

It’s quite an inspiring session. I really enjoyed watching Tsuchihashi-san share how he uses the various techos, and his recent debut into the HB×WA5 size. He is very practical and his approach to reuse things is fascinating.