Hoshino-sensei’s IGTV Live on her haul from the 2020 System Techo Salon & Tokyo International Pen Show

Hoshino Katsura-sensei, author of the “D.Grayman” manga, is well-known in the stationery world as an avid stationery fan. She streamed two 1-hour sessions of her haul from both the System Techo Salon as well as the Tokyo International Pen Show, hosted together with her older twin sister (Yuu).

Watch Part 1: System Techo Salon and a little from the pen show
Watch Part 2: Tokyo International Pen Show

Ashford’s Planners’ Room Live: “Order-made Jacket Marche”

First time ever event to be held at G.Itoya on Nov 21-22, where you will be able to order-made your own M5 jacket from Ashford for 14000 yen+tax and includes a special bag and refills.

You will be able to mix-and-match from 49 different leathers of various texture and shade. On the day of the event, you will be able to indicate which part of the skin you’d liked cut to be used on your cover. Naturally, this means you will be limited in terms of how much leather space is available before the entire skin is completely used up. You will also be able to select the thread colour, and binder ring colour (silver or rose gold). Included will be 50 sheets of refills that you will be able to select in-person on the day of the event from a selection of 48 types.

The completed customized cover will be available for pick up at G.Itoya in February 2021.

Part 1: The first video introduces every leather available for selection, including its stiffness and resistance to scratching. It also showcases the available thread colours and binder ring.

Part 2: The second video describes the order process from start to end, on the day of the event. Mukai-san will also available to help with recommendations and stuff but these videos are designed to help prepare the event-goers with all the necessary information so that they are able to design their cover ahead of time and not hog up time at the event where there is bound to be a line-up.

My guess is that these are leftover leathers that they used internally for research samples and now made available to the public to maximize its use.

Sure wish I could be there in person for this event.

Next week’s Planners’ Room Live will be live-streamed on Tuesday @ 3PM JST and will be a regular online window shopping session.

Plotter’s Instagram Campaign: “Which size do you like/prefer for leather binders?”

Full details available here.

They will select 10 top responses and present them with a Plotter’s Puerblo leather pen sleeve (in special edition green) and ball pen (gold colour).

G.Itoya’s System Techo Salon 2020 - Participants list and event map

Shumibun has an online participants list and event map of the System Techo Salon 2020 event here which is current in session.

G.Itoya System Techo Salon 2020 Shumibun Talk Show

Editors & writers of System Techo Style Vol. 5 hold a post-publication live-streamed talk session at G.Itoya.

Watch the recording on IGTV.

Itoya Twitter Live: “System Techo Trivia”

Watch the recording on Twitter.

The full list of questions and answers have been posted on Twitter.

Knox/Plotter Live: Filing Systems

Watch the recording on Instagram.

One of their employees share how she uses the filing system released by Knox, and her daily todo/memo taking method. Quite fascinating, but in my personal opinion, too much waste of quality paper :)

Plotter’s Online Store Special Edition: Cordovan leather restock!

Plotter has announced that the popular Cordovan leather binder series, which is only available via their online store, will be restocked on November 18th at 11am JST time. If this is anything like the M5 release, it probably will sell out within the hour!

Nagasawa Umeda: System Techo Summit 2020, November 20-22

To be held at Nagasawa Japan’s Umeda-Chamiyamachi store.

Full details on the event, participating companies & event limited editions is posted on their website.